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Compatibility Calculator is mankind's only method of measuring life-long compatibility, TRUE love and soulmates. Its revolutionary digital quantum astrology technology is the ONLY method of gauging relationship compatibility with infallible accuracy.

About Compatibility Calculator

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Compatibility Calculator is the only method able to:

Since its introduction, Compatibility Calculator has become the the world's foremost authority for:

Compatibility Calculator's Input Form

The Compatibility Calculator's Input form

With birth information being the only input, Compatibility Calculator is immune from the flaws of all question and answer (and all other) compatibility measurement methods. As the two parties being compared need never interact or answer questions of any kind, anyone can check their actual (not just fantasy) compatibility with their favorite celebrities, sports heroes, historical figures, classmates, or the cutie pie working at the cash register, etc.

There are no chart wheels or astrological symbols, and traditional astrology's 5 to 25 pages of confusing personality report are replaced with a more accurate and understandable format less half the size of your computer screen.

Compatibility Calculator's POA and LAFSAD Table

The Points of Attraction and LAFSAD tables

Some benefits and features

The user is advised of the amount of life-long harmony and discord present within all areas of their relationship. They must use their maturity and common sense to decide whether the overall picture is a relationship worth entering into or continuing with.

In almost every comparison, glancing at just two values – the Potential for Compatibility and Strife values – are enough to instantly gauge romantic or life-long compatibility.

"The bigger the values the better – everywhere except for the 3 SAD values" is the only knowledge required to understand and use the software. To make the complex overall assessment even easier to understand at a glance, the information is color coded for relative desirability.

No astrological knowledge is required, and technically, all references to it could be deleted – but astrological savvy users gain a deeper understanding of the comparison from the references and features which have been included.

Compatibility Calculator's math formula is so sensitive that 100% absolute infallible accuracy requires that both people's birth times must be known to within 4 minutes. If the user's birth time is not accurate to within perhaps 15-30 minutes or more, the output can only be accurate to within a useable range of values.

Compatibility Calculator's Grid

The Compatibility Grid

If the user's birth time is known and as little as the other person's age and astrological sign of is known, the algorithm can still measure and predict – within a range narrow enough to make an intelligent decision – their degree of mutual compatibility in a long-term relationship. If neither person's birth time is known, the range of compatibility will be much broader – but still much faster and more accurate than any other compatibility measurement or relationship advice method.

Most measurement methods set upper and lower limits on the scale of possible compatibility (such as "29 out of 100" or "3 out of 5 stars"). Yet, the only way to accurately measure a relationship's compatibility is by using a fully open-ended scale/number line of positive and negative values. Using the Bell Curve values enables Compatibility Calculator to do this.

Compatibility Calculator's Graph

The Compatibility Graph

Compatibility Calculator can only measure a relationship's compatibility AFTER the new wears off and the parties have stopped putting their best foot forward with each other. For new relationships, its accuracy becomes apparent at the rate at which each person stops being on their best behavior with the other person.

Physical attributes such as eyes/hair/height/weight etc. are not a part of a person's core-personality and so Compatibility Calculator cannot measure or predict physical attraction. Nothing but the eye of the beholder can measure physical attraction.

Compatibility Calculator's features:

Because most relationships fall towards the center of the compatibility Bell Curve, Compatibility Calculator's precision is most readily apparent when measuring relationships falling at either the low or high ends of the compatibility spectrum. The Compatibility Calculator processes allows highly compatible people to be located and highly incompatible people to be avoided.

More Information

Incompatible romantic match-ups involve drama, fights, resentments, break-ups/make-ups, infidelity, domestic violence, counseling, divorces, property purchases, property division, child custody, broken homes and other emotional and financial anguish. Not to mention the wasted time, lost resources and missed opportunities while involved with the wrong partner(s).

If every human could find their most compatible possible partners, the number of adverse romantic (and platonic) relationships would be reduced. Because the Compatibility Calculator process allows both people to immediately know their life-long compatibility in advance, it makes all incompatible first dates and ill-fated relationships obsolete. Couples in committed relationships would know their true chances of "till death us do part" and be able to make intelligent decisions about their future based on that knowledge.

Most humans older than puberty crave answers to two potentially life-altering questions which only the Compatibility Calculator process can answer: "How long-term compatible are me and Person X?" and "Romantically, who is my most mutually compatible person(s)?"

The ability to instantly measure/predict life-long compatibility is world transforming. Imagine these sample scenarios:

There is no faster, easier, less invasive or more accurate method of doing what Compatibility Calculator is designed to do. The process holds the potential to change, within a single generation, how friendship, romance and love are conducted – worldwide. In the metaphysical sense, there is no faster, easier, less expensive way to raise the planet's vibrations than by utilizing it as far and wide as possible.

Changing the world

Very important: Whether in marriage, business, creativity, study partners, friendships, or simply lifting bulky physical objects, pairing people who are most closely on the same wavelength is a multiplying force in achieving their mutual goals.

What if today's budding John Lennon could be paired up with his most mutually compatible possible counterpart(s).... and the budding Albert Einsteins, Nikola Teslas and Steve Jobs theirs.... and so forth for every human on the planet – from grandma in her kitchen, to a garage inventor, to a kid in a Mumbai computer café.... to you?

Globally, the achievement speeds of humanity's creativity, inventions, and academic and humanitarian goals would be slashed.

The major social media companies have independently shown that the number of friends of friends between any two humans is only from 3 to less than 5 people. Limited research indicates that roughly 1 in 100 people would make acceptably harmonious partners and about 1 in 200 people would make highly compatible ones (although some individuals can have significantly higher or lower ratios than this).

These ratios may not sound significant, but consider that the number of new, interactive acquaintances the average person makes every year is perhaps between 5 and 10 (or less). Even using the dating and social media sites, how many years would it take for the average person to interact with 100 new people to the extent that their mutual compatibility can be gauged?

Filtering for partners within an acceptable age range, relationship status, gender, sexual orientation, geographical distance and appearance reduces the number of highly compatible romantic partners from 1 in 100-200 people to 1 in possibly a great many thousands.

As Compatibility Calculator reveals everyone's most compatible birth dates and times, the sole obstacle to radically altering global society is matching that birth information to actual human beings. Compatibility Calculator's potential can only be unleashed by connecting it to the Internet where finding that "1 in a great many thousands of people" becomes infinitely easier.

Transforming how the world finds bonafide true personality compatibility and soulmate level love is as simple as a free Soulmate Database website and smart phone app. It would be a hub for anyone to find and contact their most highly compatible partners for social, business or romantic purposes.

Changing the world – Background

Starting at puberty, most humans begin to pine for that special someone who truly "gets them." In other words, their quote-unquote "other half." Someone more on their wavelength and with more true chemistry than any typical (supposed) Best Friend Forever. They instantly click, feel at home, free to let their hair down and fully be themself without any fear of judgement, reprimand or disagreement. They're two peas in a pod with many common interests and goals and naturally feel joy being in each other's company.

Unbeknownst to them, that highly compatible person(s) is living just 2 blocks, 2 miles, or 2 cities away.... or however far it takes to reach that 3 to 5 friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend connection distance proven by the social media companies. Even if they're of incompatible romantic age ranges, genders, sexual orientations, etc., because they're on the same wavelength and have no major friction factors, they'll always revel in each other's company beyond anyone they've ever known before.

People spend their entire life seeking even one of their most highly compatible partners.... yet a Soulmate Database could find them in milliseconds. Due to the "one in a great many thousands" situation mentioned above, the database's membership would have to be very large to begin making highly compatible romantic pairings who live geographically close to each other.

As we approach the second decade of the 21st century, the ability to measure the quantum forces' effect on DNA/personality is a reality. Without a doubt, digitizing a personality is a reality – as is a formula which measures/predicts life-long compatibility with mathematical accuracy.

The Soulmate Database

"Who is the most compatible person with me in my school (or corporation), city, county, state, country and planet?" Anyone who can't answer those questions will have an interest in joining the free Soulmate Database. Membership requires merely submitting a user name, (un-displayed) contact email, birth information and basic self description.

Because compatibilty is based entirely on birth information, there are no "matchmaking" questions and the optional profile description text and photos play no part in compatibility matching. The Compatibility Calculator process can only calculate for mutual compatibility.

Members immediately know their compatibility with all other members in ascending and descending order. They can search the database for the most highly compatible ones who are geographically close, within a certain age range, and matching any personal attributes (religion, politics, interests, physical description, etc.).

Who isn't curious about who is currently their most compatible known person on the planet who is registered in the Database? Any member's "Most Compatible" or "Least Compatible" person worldwide is subject to change each time a new member joins -- today their most compatible person might be an 89 year old female living in Japan and tomorrow it might be a 12 year old boy in Kyrgyzstan. The rate of new membership would determine how fast their most compatible partners are subject to change.

Mathmatically, the more members there are in the database, the faster every member would be able to find their most compatible possible people (i.e. true loves and soulmates).

Operating system: Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
Requirements: Internet connection to install (but not required after installation)

Priced to be easily affordable by everyone on the planet!

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